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No Deal and Market Tanks Which Means More Bad News for McCain

      As long as the economy remains center focus, the McCain effort marches backwards. And the failure of the bill to pass does make one wonder how many arms he was able to twist while taking his celebrated break from the campaign.

       The hunch here is that there will eventually be a bill. But probably not fast enough to rescue McCain, who now really needs a stalwart performance from Sarah Palin Thursday to begin to change the tide. Good luck!


  • LorenzoJennifer said:

    George W. Bush's lack of credibility has been  mostly responsible for the federal bailout bill's defeat.  Bush, in 2002, managed to persuade politicians, press and public that war needed to be declared on Iraq as they possessed WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction).  Since then, over 4,000 American service members have been killed, including at least 12 reported suicides; over 30,000 American service members have been seriously wounded; and over $800 Billion spent on a war that more and more Americans realize should never have been fought.  We now have about 146,000 troops serving in Iraq.  Reservists and National Guard members continue to serve in Iraq, causing significant disruptions in the home, workplace and community.  The number of Iraqis killed or wounded is usually ignored by the American press.  The very same George W. Bush has since sought to persuade us that the financial meltdown can be saved only by rushing $700 Billion to the Wall Street bulls and burghers and by giving Treasury Secretary Paulson unprecedented powers over the national ATM. Sub-prime mortgage borrowers and their families are incidental to Bush's bailout.  If the money were not available by - - when was it? - - - last Friday? - - then locusts would be loosed upon the land. Absolutely, positively had to be done as the clock was at ten minutes to midnight and running fast. John McCain dropped everything and raced to Washington only to find that he was mostly getting in the way.  Well, last Friday done come and gone, the sky has not fallen and Chicken Little crossed the road.

    Time travelling to 2002, we find that Illinois State Senator Barack Obama spoke forcefully and convincingly against America declaring war on Iraq. A position he has since steadfastly maintained.  Fast forward to New Hampshire in the Winter of 2008 and we find Senator McCain predicting a 100-year US presence in Iraq. A position he has yet to retract. The American voter did not have a chance to vote on the Iraq War and does not have a chance to vote on the federal financial bailout.  Our opportunity comes on Election Day, November 4, 2008.  

    September 30, 2008 11:20 AM

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